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Take a Look At Our Landscaping Products

At Ensign Brothers Enterprises, we have three yards that carry our products. Two are located in the West Kelowna area and one is located in the Peachland area. Depending on what product you are looking for, it may only be available at a certain yard. All products are subject to availability.


  • 1mm Stucco Sand

  • 2mm Masonry Sand

  • 3mm Top Dressing Sand

  • Bedding Sand Auburn

  • Bedding Sand Bartley

  • Winter Sand

  • Concrete Mix

  • 10mm Pea Gravel Auburn

  • 19mm Screened Radon Rock

  • 25mm Screened Drainrock Bartley

  • 25mm Crushed Drainrock Auburn

  • 50mm Screened Drainrock Bartley

  • 50mm Crushed Drainrock Bartley

  • 100-200mm Cobble Screened

  • 100-200mm Cobble Fractured

Road Construction

  • 300mm Minus Crushed Rip-Rap

  • 200mm Med. Pitrun Auburn

  • 150mm MOTH Pitrun

  • 75mm MMCD Pitrun

  • 75mm Recycled Concrete Fill

  • 25mm Crush MMCD Auburn

  • 25mm Asphalt Grindings

  • 25mm Bartley Crush

  • 12mm Crusher Chips

  • 10mm Crusher Chips

Dumpsite (No PST)

  • Dumpsite Asphalt

  • Dumpsite Concrete

  • Dumpsite Concrete With Rebar

  • Dumpsite Fill


  • Screened Topsoil

  • Garden Mix Topsoil/Manure

  • Manure

  • Clay Fill

  • Coarse Bark Mulch


  • 1-2ft Clear Fractured Rock

  • 2-4ft Round Boulders

  • 2-4ft Clear Fractured Rock

  • Pink Shale 1” Rock & 2” Rock

  • Blue Decorative Rock

  • Large White Silica 1” & Over

For all inquiries please call 250-769-7298 or email

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