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At Ensign Brothers Enterprises West Kelowna, we built this company from the ground up. It started with three brothers, a single dump truck, and a lot of deliveries of topsoil and gravel. And over the last two decades, Rusty, Chris, and Cam Ensign have worked together to expand Ensign Brothers Enterprises into just about every area of landscaping, construction, development, and road maintenance. Whether you're a contractor or a homeowner, Ensign Brothers Enterprises is sure to be able to help you find the products and services you need.


Doing the job is easy if you have the right tools, right? That's true in your own workshop, and it's even more important when we take on big projects. At Ensign Brothers Enterprises, we have the right equipment for your job. Road building, brush-cutting, excavations, hauling, snow removal, grading, loading – you name the job, we've got the gear. And we'll give you a quick and fair estimate so you can make your decision and get to work. Ensign Brothers Enterprises - making the equipment work for you.

The Light Touch

Need a big excavation done with a light touch? If you're taking out a foundation or re-vamping a yard, you can count on Ensign Brothers Enterprises to do the job with care and precision, at a very competitive price. Our excavators have special rubber tires that won't tear up what you want to keep - like your driveway or lawn, and our operators take extra care to protect trees and shrubs. Excavation doesn't have to mean destruction! At Ensign Brothers Enterprises, it means a tidy, careful removal.

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